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 Talk of 6.0 ???

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PostSubject: Talk of 6.0 ???   May 15th 2011, 9:49 pm

6.0 is coming soon guys !!! We should all know this, and be counting down the days ! ^_^

The purpose of this thread is to hopefully get some excitement and anticipation going here, These are some pretty huge updates...

I don't want to dwell too deep into specifics, but i figured i'd go over some of the basic newest features being released...

Lets start with NineDivine as far as the website, I've been spending a lot of my time on flash animation recently, trying my very best to learn and optimize with haste... The point being, when we all go to type in ninedivine.org or ninedivine.info (either one) we will be redirected to a brand new animated central page of all that is ninedivine. Included will be redirects to ninedivine main pages, such as the new 6.0 webclient, the forums (which will be receiving some large updates themselves soon here as well), *cough* HIGHSCORES, and probably the chatbox and / or donating page... There will be a Flash animation intro into this "Central Page" and the page itself is also done 75% in flash coding... So it's looking REAL nice. lol.

what next?
The Client/Webclient: There has been speculation over how deep the updates of the Client/Webclient really are going. For example, new items, new gameframe and graphics? Well, lets just say NineDivine has some new toys for you all to play with... lol!
Also, the webclient: I'm sure we all experienced Tabbed browsing? having multiple pages open in a single browser. (the concept isn't too hard to grasp). The new webclient is Multi-page tabbed pages... In other words, there is a task bar ON the page, OF tabs leading to preset pages... What will this do? well, imagine not having to have everything open on different pages? everything on a single page, you simply click the tab to show/hide it, whenever you want it...

Thats all I'm going to let out on this for now... Watch this topic, i may be updating it more leading to the 6.0 release date...


- Gir

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Talk of 6.0 ???

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